Son Pari Episode 194

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3.93 mins | 3,776 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 221

Fruity gives a presentation with her acting skills to le. cruela conspires to ruin fruity's plays as fruity is playing the character of cinderella. sona and atlu praise fruity for her Son Pari Episode 221
21.02 mins | 20,176 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 234

Fruity over hears kalawati's plans to ruin her family. fruity s sonpari and altu to save her and her family. sonpari transforms into a maid and comes to fruity's house to help her in household Son Pari Episode 234
20.33 mins | 19,520 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 231

Fruity ss le from disclosing her dress before fancy dress party as she wants to surprise all in the fancy dress party. kartar suits up as superman insults rocky as he is not invited Son Pari Episode 231
20.88 mins | 20,048 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 154

Rohit looking at stars remembers his wife and fruity and s emotional. rohit tries to console fruity and narrates cinderella's story. fruity and friends dive into a well and enter into an Son Pari Episode 154
21.68 mins | 20,816 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 251

Kali pari and zarrakh attack on paristan. zarrakh is shocked to know about princy seeing him. sona s weak by zarrakh's attack. kali pari asks altu and fruity to take her to the temple else Son Pari Episode 251
20.28 mins | 19,472 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 101

Altu arrives in time to chase away jose and bose from draining son pari's strength. son pari saves rohit from going into the gemini mirror. the fake rohit is sent back into the mirror where Son Pari Episode 101
20.08 mins | 19,280 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 211

Fruity s nervous when she has a horrifying nightm. fruity complains to her cl teacher about rocky and dyana. rocky and dyana pretend to be in front of the cl teacher. fruity Son Pari Episode 211
21.05 mins | 20,208 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 156

Witch asks mirror to show her the most beautiful girl in the world and it shows snow-white. witch asks her guards to kill snow-white but guards sp her life looking at her beauty. as snow-white Son Pari Episode 156
22.25 mins | 21,360 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 167

Fruity celebrates her birthday happily as sonpari and altamash convert all the evil weapons of kali pari to happiness. meanwhile naina steals rohit's treasure and tries to escape. later fruity Son Pari Episode 167
21.80 mins | 20,928 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 14

Rohit and his family members become mad when fruity vanishes from the terrace. the police denies believing this fact. son pari sends fruity back to her when altamash informs her that everyone Son Pari Episode 14
17.68 mins | 16,976 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 198

Rohit finds the truth about fruity. rohit and fruity heads to the resort. cruel makes everyone sleep with her magical powers. cia seeks help from tooty by rubbing her magical ring. sonpari, Son Pari Episode 198
21.83 mins | 20,960 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 246

Maya tells bindu to be strict with princy. maya adds slow poison pills in princy's water bottle. ria drinks water from princy's water bottle secretly. after some time ria feels hiccups in the Son Pari Episode 246
20.20 mins | 19,392 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 259

Hasan tells princy that since he and his sister sh the same shoes, he comes late to school as he has to wait for salma to come back . princy asks money from maya so that she can Son Pari Episode 259
20.87 mins | 20,032 KB
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Son Pari - Episode 260

Princy reads an adver in the newspaper about ting new shoes in exchange of old shoes and takes salma and hasan to that shop but s disappointed as she dosen't have extra cash. Son Pari Episode 260
20.50 mins | 19,680 KB
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