Shararat Episode 22 Part 1

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Shararat Episode 22 Part 1 Results

Shararat - Episode 51

Jiya sees a dream and shs it with nani. nani and jiya plan to go in past, and view radha's marriage. nani and jiya have great time when they see their pas Shararat Episode 51
20.60 mins | 19,776 KB
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Shararat - Episode 10

Dhruv informs jiya about the picnic. jiya is upset as dhruv fooled her. radha, jiya and nani anxious as their magic is not working. suraj is excited to l Shararat Episode 10
19.27 mins | 18,496 KB
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Shararat - Episode 16

Suraj disagrees to take radha to cinema. ria visits suraj and radha. grandmother dislikes the closeness between ria and suraj. so grandmother decides to irri Shararat Episode 16
20.83 mins | 20,000 KB
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Shararat - Episode 6

Nani is down with stomach pain and visits suraj for treatment. nani curses suraj when he refuses to treat her, that whenever he lies his nose grows bigger. a Shararat Episode 6
20.45 mins | 19,632 KB
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Shararat - Episode 61

Jiya and nani discuss about experimenting soul swapping magic. jiya and nani shocked to know that their soul got swapped. jiya's friends confused at Shararat Episode 61
21.25 mins | 20,400 KB
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Shararat - Episode 135

Jiya tells about her dream to nani. nani slaps pam with her magic powers. nani teaches a lesson to shanti for her behor. jiya s jealous by seeing dhruv Shararat Episode 135
22.72 mins | 21,808 KB
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Shararat - Episode 126

Jiya tells nani that her chemistry teacher is very boring. she requests nani to help her. nani tells jiya that she will become her chemistry teacher. nani te Shararat Episode 126
22.08 mins | 21,200 KB
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Shararat - Episode 85

Nani plays card game with shanti and looses and according to the condition she has to send jiya at shanti's to do household work. dhruv asks jiya to go Shararat Episode 85
22.58 mins | 21,680 KB
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Shararat - Episode 94

Jiya and her friends decide to participate in the auditions and request sushma to teach them to sing. ranga comes to teach parminder singing. jiya decides to Shararat Episode 94
22.90 mins | 21,984 KB
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Shararat - Episode 180

Nani is upset that jiya couldn't spend time with her after she has started working. with the help of magic, nani shifts jiya's office to their house. suraj i Shararat Episode 180
22.10 mins | 21,216 KB
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Shararat - Episode 15

Jiya returns tensed because of her exams. pam tries to deviate jiya's attention from studies. but grandma's magic makes jiya regain her consciousness. g Shararat Episode 15
20.10 mins | 19,296 KB
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Shararat - Episode 102

Meeta is attracted to raja. juhi is worried for meeta. bebo follows jiya and reaches college. jiya suggests raja to take meeta for a date. raja challenges ji Shararat Episode 102
22.02 mins | 21,136 KB
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Shararat - Episode 109

Bebo plans to skip the school as she doesn't finish her work. she dips the thermometer in a gl of milk and pretends to be sick. bebo makes shanti danc Shararat Episode 109
22.23 mins | 21,344 KB
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Shararat - Episode 95

Rani devi res the past and decides to take revenge from sushma. jiya decides to prep things for diwali by themselves. rani devi disguises as sushma's Shararat Episode 95
21.37 mins | 20,512 KB
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Shararat - Episode 3

Nani reaches jiya's college in a swanky sports car to help jiya since pam has vowed to distort jiya's image. jiya feels jealous as dhruv is attracted towards Shararat Episode 3
20.40 mins | 19,584 KB
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