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Kasamh Se - Episode 560

Jai is overwhelmed with guilt at daksh's confession. bani tells jai that she did not want to break his ties with meera, so she did not tell him the truth abo Kasamh Se Episode 560
23.10 mins | 22,176 KB
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Episode 682 - 28-11-2008

The intor reveals that jigyasa was present in mount abu during bani's murder. jigyasa denies to have murdered bani. finally jigyasa admits that bani is a Episode 682 28 11 2008
19.60 mins | 18,816 KB
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kasam se march 12th 2009 (last episode) part 3

Kasam se last episode (do not own) Kasam Se March 12th 2009 Last Episode Part 3
4.60 mins | 4,416 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 534

Everyone moves towards the outhouse. meera is about to open the lock, but jigyasa comes and ss her saying that the outhouse is in a bad shape. jai asks ad Kasamh Se Episode 534
22.20 mins | 21,312 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 596 - 10-06-2008

The guard does not let meera enter the wedding premise and informs her that the bride and groom already inside. meera is shattered to see jai marry anoth Kasamh Se Episode 596 10 06 2008
20.70 mins | 19,872 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 567

16 year leap' introduction of gurdeep kohli as pronita (bani) jai gives a surprise to meera on her birthday. meanwhile, in kolkata, pronita (bani) sketches a Kasamh Se Episode 567
24.93 mins | 23,936 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 255

Jigyasa and the others try to convince maasi to forgive jai. but maasi refuses to budge saying that a man who cannot ret his wife, does not deserve to re Kasamh Se Episode 255
23.08 mins | 22,160 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 41

Piya approaches jai who is shocked to hear of what has happened and ures her he will tighten the security in walia house and asks her to tell bani and ran Kasamh Se Episode 41
21.62 mins | 20,752 KB
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mosalsal al wa3d

Mosalsal al wa3d al wa3d waadi wadi papi papi chulo mosalsal alwa3d alwaad mosalsalhind enigma التحدي mosalsal wa3d mosalsal alw3d lmosalsal lhndi alwa3d hab Mosalsal Al Wa3d
0.52 mins | 496 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 570

Jai goes to rahul's house to fix ganga's marriage. he presents rahul with rotten tomatoes, eggs and torn shoes, and insults rahul and his pnts. ganga tell Kasamh Se Episode 570
22.83 mins | 21,920 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 556

Jigyasa narrates to bani how pia had told her in the outhouse that she knew who the kidnapper was but she had got struck in the head just then. pia had lost Kasamh Se Episode 556
21.80 mins | 20,928 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 276

The ailants intend to ask for a big ransom against bani. jai tries to fight with the attackers in order to save bani. he asks bani to run away but one of Kasamh Se Episode 276
21.90 mins | 21,024 KB
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Episode 666 - 06-11-2008

Meera provokes bani to up. bani s up, but refrains herself from killing meera. meera hits bani on her head and tries to kill her. but jigyasa comes to Episode 666 06 11 2008
19.02 mins | 18,256 KB
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Episode 683 - 01-12-2008

Mansi verma plays the role of pia from this episode onwards krishna and ganga decide to dress bani like a bride before meeting jai. jai and bani reunite and Episode 683 01 12 2008
21.97 mins | 21,088 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 421

Bani apologizes to dadi. but jigyasa tells her to return all the property she had taken away. but jai stands for bani and tells jigyasa that all he nee Kasamh Se Episode 421
20.47 mins | 19,648 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 523

Jai is emotional looking at the photo of his children. he even s drunk. jai and meera supposed to perform a pre-marital ritual with pall and her fi Kasamh Se Episode 523
22.97 mins | 22,048 KB
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مسلسل الوعد الحلقة 15 4

15 4
5.02 mins | 4,816 KB
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Episode 670 - 12-11-2008

Jigyasa tells the family that pronita was acting as bani for money. jigyasa ridicules bani for trusting her and tells how she deceived her. jigyasa s bani Episode 670 12 11 2008
20.13 mins | 19,328 KB
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Episode 742 - 12-03-2009

One year has ped by. the walia family has shifted to mount abu. jigyasa remembers bani on seeing ganga taking c of the entire family just like her. wal Episode 742 12 03 2009
20.27 mins | 19,456 KB
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Kasamh Se - Episode 577 - 03-09-2009

Jai is thrilled about ganga's achievements and requests her to ask him for anything, so ganga seeks to have mr. khanna released. rano informs everyone that v Kasamh Se Episode 577 03 09 2009
20.78 mins | 19,952 KB
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