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Claris Reunion Results

【パラカ】 ClariS reunion 歌ってみた♪

大好きな曲「reunion」を思いを込めて歌ってみました(*^_^*) 是非、聴いて下さい♪ 感想お待ちしております(^o^) 他の曲も公開してます!こちらも是非♪ Claris Reunion
4.45 mins | 4,272 KB
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Claris reunion nightcore

Claris Reunion Nightcore
4.98 mins | 4,784 KB
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ClariS 「IRONIC ✲ REUNION」 ミックス ♪ OPmix ♪ 【俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない】 ( Irony + Reunion )

俺妹の2つのオパニングを合わせました!^^ here's a mix of the two openings from oreimo. i thought that they fit pretty well (: ~~~~~~~~~~ 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない。my little sister can't. Claris Ironic Reunion Opmix Irony Reunion
4.60 mins | 4,416 KB
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osu! ~ ClariS - Reunion [TV Size] (hard +HD SS)

Taken down for the 3rd time, and put back after 3 months. seriously, japan this upload is a test. if i like the result i' Osu Claris Reunion Tv Size Hard Hd Ss
1.63 mins | 1,568 KB
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[おれいも] ClariS - Reunion (HOUSE REMIX)

[reup] wew what a party killer todays industry wont even take bootlegs and not even taking the advantage.. お久しぶりです。いつものdj a.q.でありますよ。 最新アップデートにかなり時間 Claris Reunion House Remix
6.53 mins | 6,272 KB
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「reunion」- ClariS - Instrumental Guitar Cover

I've never tried covering a song's vocals before, so i thought i'd try. who else is suffering this agonizing wait for the last three episodes of season two Reunion Claris Instrumental Guitar Cover
4.93 mins | 4,736 KB
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歌ってみた ClariS  『reunion』  俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない

俺の妹がこんなにかわいいわけがない、op、clarisさんの『reunion』歌ってみました!音程不安定のところもありますがきいてください(><)コメント、評価もぜひおねがいします(><) Claris Reunion
4.85 mins | 4,656 KB
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【俺妹2期OP】reunion 【Happy Trance Remix】 ClariS

ニコニコからの転載です ジャンルはよく分かりません よろしくお願いします 後半画面が暗くなるのは仕様です。ごめんなさいm(_ _)m soundcloud dlも 2 Op Reunion Happy Trance Remix Claris
5.53 mins | 5,312 KB
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ClariS reunion 歌ってみた

Claris Reunion
4.82 mins | 4,624 KB
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Reunion-Claris FULL-Thai version 「Rainny rosexミライシン」

Vocal:rainny rose vocal:ミライシン th-lyric:ベスト original:claris (kz livetune) 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない。season 2 op # link# :.firem/ts9b0oysz Reunion Claris Full Thai Version Rainny Rose
5.12 mins | 4,912 KB
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Reunion - ClariS - Guitar Cover

Statement: the original version of this song is property of its rightful owner(s). i like this song very much ^^ enjoy!! :d. Reunion Claris Guitar Cover
4.87 mins | 4,672 KB
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[Osu!Mania] ClariS - Reunion

Beatmap : Osu Mania Claris Reunion
1.73 mins | 1,664 KB
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ClariS 『reunion』

Instrumental(歌なし) Claris Reunion
4.83 mins | 4,640 KB
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osu! - ClariS - Reunion (TV Size) [Hard] + HD DT

Just some casual play to maybe make this channel less 'inactive'. i will start rampage uploading the moment the strike is lifted around next year! Osu Claris Reunion Tv Size Hard Hd Dt
1.13 mins | 1,088 KB
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Osu!: {Oreimo Openin} ClariS - reunion (TV Size) [DT PLAY (S)]

Kyonori yuuki here bringing you another osu . this is one of my dt plays it's not my but eh it's been a while osu profile: Osu Oreimo Openin Claris Reunion Tv Size Dt Play S
1.15 mins | 1,104 KB
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